Korea Hit By Heaviest Snowfall in Observation History

4th January 2010 was the first working day of the new year, and also marked the day when South Korea (a.k.a Republic of Korea) was hit by the heaviest snowfall since KMA (Korea Meteorological Administration) started observations in 1937.

It doesn’t usually snow much over here, with 10cm of snowfall typically considered “heavy”. Despite KMA’s (characteristically inaccurate) prediction of 3cm ~ 7cm of snow, Seoul (the capital city) was hit with a whopping 25cm!

Here are some fun pics I’ve taken, which I think wonderfully illustrate just how thick the snow was.

Enjoy! :)


Logical Flowchart of “Hey Jude”

Tumblr blogger “Love All This” (http://loveallthis.tumblr.com) has created a logical flowchart for the lyrics of the Beatles classic, “Hey Jude”.

It’s quite amazing how the lyrics for a whole song can fit into such a compact and intuitive flowchart.

But then again, it looks undeniably geeky… which maybe is the whole point? :)