First Attempt at 6mm: Spartan Hoplites!

Here’s my first attempt at painting 6mm miniatures.

It’s actually been quite a number of months since I’ve bought this army of 6mm Ancient Greeks from Baccus, but only recently shrugged off my lethargy enough to get two units of them painted and based.

Once I set my mind to it, I was surprised at how easily and quickly I could paint these minuscule soldiers; it only took me a single weekend to complete 96 figures!

Oh, and I am aware that the accepted historical appearance of Spartan hoplites is of them carrying bronze shields with a red “lambda” painted on it… but I thought a red shield with white “lambda” would have better visual appeal, especially at such a small scale :)

I’ve cut out two pieces of 1mm thick plasticard, measuring 60mm x 30mm and overlapped them together to serve as the base; I’m still undecided whether I want to continue using this method for the rest of the army. I’ve recently bought a bunch of 2mm thick hardboard, so I’ll probably experiment and see which I like best.

In any case I’m as yet only a beginning miniature painter, so please try to refrain from demoralizing comments! :P



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