Warlord Games Black Powder Rulebook at less than half price!

BLACK POWDER: Battles with Model Soldiers in the Age of the Musket

Warlord Games is a well known manufacturer of 28mm hard plastic figures in the Roman and English Civil War era. They’ve now teamed up with the famed Rick Priestley and Jervis Johnson (both of them being pivotal architects of the immensely popular and games) to create , a rulebook for miniature wargaming in the “Horse & Musket” era.

Here’s an excerpt from Amazon’s product description.

Black Powder is Warlord Games’ first publication. It is a beautiful book in its own right with hundreds of color photographs taken by the Perry brothers of the most exquisitely painted model soldiers from their world-renowned collection.

The rule book’s intention is inspire a collector to play gentlemanly games with their own collections of soldiers with friends where the emphasis is on the spirit of the age of musket, not the letter of the rule. With decisive battles from the key wars of the period, such as El Teb, from the Sudan War, Ntombi River from the Zulu Wars, Alma from the Crimean War and Freemans Farm from the American War of Independence, as well as two fictional scenarios from the American Civil War and Napoleon’s Wars, there really is something to keep everyone happy. It is a hearty publication and not for nitpickers or miseries. There are some good gags in it, but it also plays well and enables players to conduct a very big battle in a civilized period of time, leaving them more time to chat about the highs and lows and what ifs.

Rick Priestley is best known as the famous Warhammer and Warhammer 40000 author, the world’s best selling table top miniatures game and Product Director for Games Workshop. He lives in Nottingham. Jervis Johnson is also an internationally renowned games writer and luminary in the gaming world. Jervis also lives in Nottingham but has a very posh voice.

Now, the important thing is that this rulebook normally retails for 30.00 GBP at British retailers, or 55.00 USD at American ones.

But at Amazon, they’re accepting pre-orders at an unbelievable price of merely 20.95 USD!!!

I knew for some time that there was a “Pre-Order Special” going on at Amazon, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price. I mean, this is less than half the price of what the book’s selling for anywhere else!


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