TCP Connection Finally Available for SK Telecom

By default, a BlackBerry smartphone does not connect directly to the internet. Instead, it connects to the BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Service) or BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) server, which in turn serves as a “proxy” through which the BlackBerry connects to the internet.

Apparently, it’s quite painful for a software developer to write up his/her program so that it utilizes the BES/BIS connection, so by far the most popular method for BlackBerry programs to go “online” is by using TCP/IP. The catch is that this is not enabled by default.

In order for a BlackBerry to use TCP/IP, the carrier needs to provide an APN (Access Point Name), which the end-user needs to enter into the BlackBerry smartphone. So if your carrier does not provide an APN, you’re pretty much screwed.

This was my case for a good number of months since the BlackBerry was released in Korea for non-enterprise customers, as SK Telecom (the one and only carrier for BlackBerry) did not support APN. Last I heard, they had some plans to support it “sometime in the future”, but you know how such plans tend to be forgotten.

To my absolute surprise, I’ve discovered today that SK Telecom has finally started supporting this!

Their APN is:

Now, I can finally use SSH, browse my e-book library from Mobipocket, view Youtube, and much much more!


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