To Blog, or to Micro-Blog?

To blog, or to micro-blog? That is the question.

With the advent of Twitter, micro-blogging has seemingly taken the world by storm. Heck, even President Obama is known to do it.

While you need to sit down and focus in order to write a blog post (or at least I do), Twitter lowers that “preparatory barrier” by forcing you to write your micro-post (which they call a “tweet”) in 140 characters or less. Mind you, that’s 140 LETTERS, not words.

That sounds fine in theory, and even I “tweet” every now and then. (

But that 140-character limit is a double-edged sword, and it often grates on me.

The thing is that I actually like writing, though I seldom manage to gather up enough drive to write a long post. But on the other hand, I honestly don’t think that I can write anything meaningful within a mere 140 letters.

I find that my tweets often degenerate into banal blurts of day-to-day happenings, devoid of any flavor. (“I’m going on a vacation, yay!”)

From what I can see from others, they seem to share my problem too, even though they may not see it as such.

I think that’s what causing me to tweet less and less.

But that’s not making me write more posts on my blog either, so I’m just ending up writing less.

Or maybe I’m just getting lazier with age?


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